Lockheed Martin Space Systems Project B819 Logistics Center Site Development/New Construction

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Project B819 Logistics Center Site Development/New Construction

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Titusville, FL

Lockheed Martin awarded the design of a new facility to Ardmore Roderick to satisfy the requirements of the relocation of storage and distribution of program material from Sunnyvale, CA to Titusville, FL, as part of the FBM consolidation. The new 48,000 SF facility includes a high bay stockroom, hazardous material storage, shipping and receiving and support spaces, including offices, restrooms, breakrooms, and a lobby. The new building is slated to be constructed on the same parcel of land as an existing Lockheed Martin building, B811.

The award for this design was given to Ardmore Roderick during the design phase of the renovation of B811, therefore, the design team was able to incorporate many site elements required for B819 into the site design for B811. The team was able to create a “campus” which would include the future building. The new building is able to share a common secured access point for all vehicles and the dock spaces are “back-to-back” allowing them to share a common hardened concrete area for delivery trucks.

The Advanced Planning team worked with the Lockheed Martin client to develop the requirements of the building and create the scope for the new building. This included multiple interviews and meetings with the end users to determine the needs of the spaces, including all physical space requirements, utilities, and any specialized construction or functions needed. Once the initial floor plan was completed, the design team began the engineering and detailing of the project. Throughout the design development the customer updated and refine their requirements, ultimately growing the scope of the project. The design team was able to quickly adapt and incorporate the new scope.

The new building includes connections to the existing Lockheed Martin buildings to create a cohesive campus of buildings that can all be monitored by Lockheed Martin Security and the Facilities group. This monitoring includes all life safety systems, HVAC systems, physical security, and interior and exterior cameras. Site Construction started in early August, and the construction and interior fit out of the new building is slated to be complete in December of 2022.