The Obama Presidential Center

The Obama Presidential Center

Buildings & Facilities
Program Management
Chicago, IL

The tri-venture of Jones Lang LaSalle, Ardmore Roderick, and McKissack & McKissack currently serves as the program manager for the Obama Presidential Center. The work is made up of four phases – pre-design/planning, design, construction, and close-out and commissioning phases.

Pre-Design/Planning Phase

In this phase, the PMO team will be responsible for a variety of tasks, including but not limited to assisting the Foundation in finalizing the overall planning committee and reporting organizational structure; working with the Foundation’s staff to establish goals and objectives to maintain the Foundation’s transparency to various levels of the foundation’s stakeholders; assisting the foundation in final site selection; developing the master budget and schedule; and developing project delivery options for construction procurement.

Design Phase

This phase includes tasks such as creating and managing the design schedule and monitoring design progress; determine the Foundations expectations for design phase deliverables, interim design review meeting and final presentations at each stage of design; assist in the Architect’s contract negotiation and final procurement of services; assist in the review of the following design phase submittals; develop RFPs, bid analysis and draft agreements for the required Owner’s specialty consultants; Quality control of technical documents by project consultant throughout design; development of procurement schedule/plan, bid package strategy; prequalification process for General Contractors/Construction Managers; and creating construction request for proposals.

Construction Phase

In this phase, the PMO team is responsible for such tasks as drafting of Contract for recommendation to award to the Foundation; Project schedule development and ongoing management; Project budget development including invoice tracking; Development of estimated cash flow of expenses for the project; Contractor selection, coordination & oversight; Office engineering with responsibilities of administrative support, invoice review and administration, organization and filing of correspondence and technical documents in project software system; and overseeing document control process and the QA/QC program.

Close-Out and Commission Phase

In this phase, the team will create a closeout plan; oversee commissioning progress; and oversee final closeout documentation from the Construction Manager.