Nicor Aux Sable

Energy & Utilities
Chicago, IL

Ardmore Roderick was a subconsultant under HBK Engineering for this project that was 7 miles in length, and consisted of removal of existing pipe, and installation of new 36” steel pipe within the Commonwealth Edison Transmission Tower Right-of-Way in Plainfield, Illinois.

Various aspects of surveying were included within the project’s scope. In advance of excavation and construction, several items required field staking including Right-of-Way, easements, existing and proposed centerline alignments, bore pits, zinc rods, and coupon test stations.  Topographic survey was also performed in order to locate existing conditions of topsoil grade, subsoil grade, roadway, bike paths, sidewalks and utilities. As-Built surveys were also performed after construction to accurately catalog and record pipe number, heat number, length, weld number, and Nicor ID numbers for the new 36” steel pipe.  Additional items included in the As-Built surveys were welding, bending, fitting, flange, check valves, concrete sleepers, pipe supports, CAD welding, zinc ribbon splices, zinc rods, coupon test stations, permanent reference cells, bag weights, drain tiles, casing pipes, pipe markers and capped pipe ends. Final grades were surveyed to determine final pipe cover, and all restored and replaced pavements were located.  Settlement monitoring was also performed during construction near the railroad. All survey data was delivered in a spreadsheet with station/offset and other information per the client’s requested format.