Lockheed Martin Space Systems Project B811 Demo, Abatement, & Interior Renovation

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Project B811 Demo, Abatement, & Interior Renovation

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Titusville, FL

B811 Pre-Construction Site Activities
Lockheed Martin purchased a 57,000 SF one-story building to support the FBM headquarters consolidation The building was built in the 1970s and abandoned for years. Due to the lack of maintenance and occupancy, the building had significant damage due to this neglect. Ardmore Roderick performed construction services to clean up the debris on the interior of the building, secure the building and parking lot to prevent unauthorized access, reduce exposure to the elements, and slowing down of building deterioration. We also completed a site survey to support upcoming design projects.

B811 Interior Demolition and Abatement
To support the proposed build-out, Ardmore Roderick proceeded with the competitive bid of the interior demo. We obtained the demo and abatement permit from the City of Titusville and bid the project to various subcontractors. The interior demo project was completed in conjunction with the roof replacement and we had to have close coordination between the separate contractors to keep each project on schedule. Once the buildings were cleared out, we installed new general AC units to keep the spaces climate controlled.

B811 Renovation Design-Build
The Advanced Planning team started working directly with the program staff to develop the project requirements and lay out the floor plan in a way that satisfied the client needs for space, adjacencies, future growth, and efficiency. The design includes new power distribution including an upgraded transformer from FP&L, new air-cooled chillers for a chilled water AC system, a new fiber feed from an adjacent LM property for the data distribution system, structural upgrades to the existing building, and a new parking lot with secure entrance and exits controlled by gates and a perimeter fence. Upon completion of the construction documents, the design team proceeded with the permitting process and the pre-construction team proceeded with the bidding process with a group of pre-qualified subcontracting base. The construction of B811 interior fit began in August of 2021 was completed in April 2022.

During the procurement and pre-construction, we identified multiple items that could be pre-purchased before the full award of the construction project. This pre-purchase of material ensured that long lead material would be on-site when needed to meet the project schedule and locked-in pricing due to a volatile market.