Illinois State Toll Highway Authority General Engineering Consultant (GEC)

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority General Engineering Consultant (GEC)

Highway and Road Design
ITS Design
Program Management
Structural Engineering
Chicago, IL

Ardmore Roderick serves as a subconsultant on the Illinois Tollway’s General Engineering Consultant (GEC) contract.  The Tollway is required to retain an Engineering Consultant to ensure the Tollway system (296 miles of interstate highways) is in good condition, the existing system is maintained and conditions are reported to the Tollway Boldholders annually.

Ardmore Roderick personnel have been assigned to the following tasks on the GEC team:


Two inspectors assist on conducting regularly scheduled inspections on elements of the Tollway’s system.  One inspector is co-lead for the non-structural elements (roadway, guardrail, drainage ditches and structures, ROW fence, noisewall, etc.).  Our second inspector is assigned to review bridges, retaining walls and overhead sign structures. Their findings, along with drone videos, are documented and summarized in the preparation of the Tollway’s Annual Report.


Ardmore Roderick’s CAD Manager reviews the plan submittals prepared by other consultants for conformity with Tollway CAD Standards, downloads and uploads electronic plan submittals on E-Builder for reviews by the GEC and Tollway staff, updates the CAD Standards and Guidance Manual, and annually updates Tollway Standards and Base Sheets for all disciplines.


We have a Project Controls Assistant to develop internal schedules for the GEC, and records and summarizes time expended by GEC personnel per task.


The Systemwide Coordination Manager tracks the status of the Tollway’s Design Upon Request and Construction Management Upon Request (DUR and CMUR) consultants, including budgets, task submittal schedules, and recommends new assignments.


Our ITS Manager performs plan reviews along with updating the standards and specifications for the Tollway’s Intelligent Transportation System (CCTV Cameras, Dynamic Message Signs, Road Weather Information Stations, Weigh-in-Motion detectors, Vehicle Detection System elements) to assist in managing traffic.


Finally, our Fiber Optic Manager oversees the design and construction of the Tollway’s Fiber Optic system, including updating standards and specifications, determine the preferred alignment of new fiber optic runs and the connections of various elements to the System.