Exelon Power Distribution Engineering & Design

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Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA

Ardmore Roderick provides overhead and underground distribution design services for ComEd and PECO. Ardmore Roderick personnel perform field walk-downs, pole surveys, and manhole assessments, and develop distribution system designs utilizing AutoCAD and MicroStation, as well as client specific software such as TED/CEGIS, PoleForeman, and Asset Suite. These distribution system designs have included:

  • Recloser and Radio Installations for Distribution Automation (DA):
  • Customer Average Interruption Duration Index (CAIDI) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) Improvements
  • Voltage Conversions
  • Substation Aux Power
  • Radio Installations for Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI)


  • Capacitor Bank Installations for Voltage Optimization
  • Line Clearance Resolutions
  • NERC Resolutions
  • New Business Installations
  • Obsolete Equipment Replacements (lead cable, potheads, etc.)
  • Smart Fuse Installations
  • Facility Relocations
  • Storm Hardening and Grid Resiliency
  • Summer/Winter Critical