Department of Water Management Sewer Main Installation Program

Department of Water Management Sewer Main Installation Program

Energy & Utilities
Construction Management
Chicago, IL

For more than five years, Ardmore Roderick provided Construction Management services for sewer installations on a task order basis. The sewer construction projects involved installation of new reinforced concrete sewer pipe which connects to new manholes, tumbling basins, and junction structures, wherever necessary. The work also included the replacement of catch basins and smaller drain connections to the main line with various sizes of vitrified clay pipe.

Work included the following:

  • Performing site inspections and ensuring that the jobs were constructed according to City standards and specifications
  • Inspection of the installation of the earth retention system and water main supports where necessary
  • Inspecting the excavation, installation of the sewer and sewer structures, and proper backfilling of the excavation
  • Inspecting restoration work
  • Performing material measurements and submitting daily inspection reports
  • Assisting the contractor with utility coordination
  • Keeping the community informed about the work going on around them and advising of any planned water shut downs


Ardmore Roderick also served as the prime consultant for two companion jobs, PN 6356-North Shore Avenue Oketa to Octavia, PN 6346-Pine and Thomas, providing a Resident Engineer and performing material testing.