Department of Water Management Capital Improvement Program

Department of Water Management Capital Improvement Program

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Program Management
Chicago, IL

Chicago has engaged in a major infrastructure renewal program, Building a New Chicago. Announced in 2012, Building a New Chicago is a multi-year program that invests over $7 Billion in the City’s infrastructure, including Chicago Department of Water Management (CDWM) facilities.

As part of that program, CDWM targeted major upgrades to all of its facilities, which includes a $1 Billion portfolio of nonlinear asset projects, the capstone of which is the replacement of 880 miles of distribution water main over a ten-year period. Ardmore Roderick is a subconsultant to CTR (a joint venture) who provides program management services, including project management services for the assets that are replaced or renewed as part of its Capital Improvement Program, one of the largest and most visible water supply infrastructure renewal programs in the U.S.

Ardmore Roderick’s role includes construction management and observation, water main design, records management, and installation and management of smart meter replacements. A member of the team since 2011, our professionals have been involved in an average of 12 restoration jobs per years for inspectors. The program overall went from design and inspection of 14 miles of water main replacement per year when our team started and progressed to about 40 miles per year.

CTR also helped to implement a barricade tracking system on iPad software that helped reduce the amount of barricades left on-site which were an expense charged to the city that resulted in a time and cost savings for the client.

Ardmore Roderick has also served on associated sewer improvement projects and the Private Drain program. This has been ongoing for several years and we currently have two inspectors on the project. In addition we have staff serving in a Resident Engineer capacity on multiple sewer main replacement projects throughout the city.