City of Champaign Multimodal Corridor Enhancements (MCORE)

City of Champaign Multimodal Corridor Enhancements (MCORE)

Highway and Road Design
Champaign, IL

The purpose of the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement (MCORE) project is to connect the Cities of Champaign and Urbana to the University of Illinois. The project includes the major reconstruction and rehabilitation of Green Street to accommodate a multimodal network of roads, on-street bike lanes, shared lane markings, bus-only lanes, and other transit services, all in an effort to enhance mobility. This project consists of five sub-projects at various locations within the City of Champaign and Urbana. Ardmore Roderick provided Phase II design support for three out of the five sub-projects.

Project 2: Green Street from Neil Street to Fourth Street
Project 3: White Street from Second Street to Wright Street
Project 5: Green Street from Lincoln Avenue to Race Street

Ardmore Roderick assisted in design and plan preparation for Projects 2, 3, and 5. Scope of services for the projects were as follows:

Project 2:

  • Maintenance of traffic plans
  • Traffic signal plans at First Street & Green Street
  • Interconnect plan quantities

Project 3:

  • Traffic signals plans at the intersection of Fourth Street & White Street

Project 5:

  • Pavement marking and signing plans
  • Erosion control plans


With Green Street being a major thorough-way servicing multiple modes of traffic, outfitted by businesses on both sides of the street, the maintenance of traffic along Green Street within the MCORE Project 2 limits was met with its own set of challenges. Careful planning went into developing a scheme that met the needs of construction while minimizing the impacts to the invested entities. This included a delicate mix of detours and staged construction.