Welcome to the new home of Ardmore Roderick Welcome to the new home of Ardmore Roderick
Kerri Daniels

Welcome to the new home of Ardmore Roderick

August 23, 2018

As we pass the one year anniversary of merging The Roderick Group and Ardmore Associates, we look back and reflect on the progress, milestones, hard work, victories and new faces that have all become a part of the fabric of our team. To commemorate the occasion, we have officially launched our vivid new look including an updated Ardmore Roderick logo and website.

Our upgraded website showcases our executive team’s credentials, project experience, the markets we serve and the specific services we provide. We now offer a central location for all open career positions as well.  Our team of executives, marketing personnel and web designers worked diligently to create a space that demonstrates what we do and why we’re the best – it’s a site we’re proud of! Please be sure to take a look around!

Since the merger, we’ve founded a new physical location for our Florida office, which is open for business in Orlando.  The office will primarily focus on Engineering, Inspections and Program & Construction Management. The Florida office actively pursues opportunities in the following markets: aviation, K-12, government, defense, port, utilities, higher education, transportation and entertainment. Our Florida team is pursuing our Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification through Orange County, Florida; the Florida Department of Transportation Prequalification; and our General Contracting License. Most recently, Ardmore Roderick won a contract with Stantec to support the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority’s (GOAA) continuing engineering services.

In April, our affiliate Ardmore Roderick Puerto Rico, LLC (ARPR) was established and a new office opened in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to support the FEMA Public Assistance Technical Assistance Contract (PA-TAC).  ARPR is under contract with ATCS providing Professional Consulting Services for the Damage Assessment and Recovery Planning for the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria that devastated the island last year.

We are excited about these developments, and even more thrilled to have a new home to share our news with you.