Greater Orlando Airport Authority Construction Management at Risk Services for the South Terminal C - Landside Terminal

Greater Orlando Airport Authority Construction Management at Risk Services for the South Terminal C - Landside Terminal

Construction Management
Orlando, FL

The Turner Kiewit Joint Venture, which includes Ardmore Roderick, was retained by GOAA for the Landside Terminal portion of the new south terminal which includes:

The Landside Terminal Building

The building will be a 5-level passenger processing building that includes an estimated 816,00 gross square feet (GSF). Included in the scope of this building are the Arrivals, Departures and Commercial Curbsides. There is a baggage conveyance basement connecting the LST to the GTF for baggage and service transfer. An enclosed bridge crosses the Terminal Roadways, providing a pedestrian connection to the Ground Transportation Facility and the Phase 1 Parking Garage. Level 1 of this building is the commercial curbside level, which is a public passenger area with covered hardscape and canopies that partially cover commercial vehicle parking spaces. Level 2 is the ticketing and check-in Level, which includes the TSA security checkpoint. Level 3 is a mezzanine providing baggage right-of-ways. Level 4 is the arrivals and baggage claim level, which includes Customs and Border Protection (CBP), International Bag Claim, and Domestic Bag Claim. Level 5 is a partial mezzanine for mechanical and electrical equipment. A grand central civic space and multi-level garden areas will be accessible by both the ticketing and baggage claim levels.

Ground Transportation Facility (GTF)

The Ground Transportation Facility is to be a 2 phased construction 2-story building that will support the various programmatic functions of the Landside Terminal Building that includes an estimated 240,000 gross square feet (GSF) for the final configuration. It will serve as a connecting hub to the Parking Garage and the Intermodal Terminal Facility (ITF), currently under construction. An enclosed pedestrian bridge with a baggage conveyance basement will connect the Landside Terminal Building to the GTF, and a similar pedestrian bridge will connect the GTF to the ITF. The GTF design will be planned so that a hotel could be added adjacent to the building in the future. Space for a future baggage right -of-way is planned between the ground ad main levels of the building. The ground level of the GTF will be left open for future charter, tour or resort concessionaires. Vertical transportation cores will be provided down to this level. The min level of the GTF will have a civic space in the center with moveable planters that will serve as a venue for large public events at the airport. This level also includes restrooms, baggage drop, customer service counters, and space for future concessions. There is a baggage conveyance basement connecting the GTF to the LST for baggage and service transfer.

Parking Garage

The Parking Garage Expansion of approximately 808,000 SF for Phase 2 and Phase 3 will consist of adding an additional 2,400 spaces to the existing 2,600 space garage that is currently under construction. The 6-level garage expansion is located immediately north of the current 6-level garage and will include new vertical circulation elevator cores located between the new and existing garages and at the southwest corner of the existing garage, additional outboard exit stairs, provisions for future moving sidewalks along the western edge of the new expansion and existing garage, and several IDF rooms to support GOAA and vendor networks. The elevated promenade public walkway will interface with the Ground Transportation Facility located immediately south of the existing garage.

The Phase 2 Parking Garage Expansion will accommodate a total of approximately 1,100 additional parking spaces and rent-a-car (RAC) operations at levels 1 and 2. Rental car ready/return vehicles will be located at levels 1 and 2 with the remainder of parking for POV vehicles at levels 3 through 6. The Phase 2 expansion will also include the renovation of the existing garage currently under construction to provide similar RAC operations at level 1 and 2. The RAC operations will include a level 1 public lobby for passenger circulation and queuing space, RAC counters and back office space for multiple rental car companies. Approximately 350 LF of new RAC counters will be included in the Phase 2 garage expansion.

The Phase 3 Parking Garage Expansion will accommodate a total of approximately 1,300 additional parking spaces and is located at the norther end of the garage structure. The Phase 3 garage will accommodate POV vehicle parking only. The RAC return vehicle “slip ramp” at grade to level 2 will be removed from the existing vehicle ramp structure and be relocated to the north edge of the Phase 3 garage in order to maintain RAC return vehicle access.

Ardmore Roderick is involved with managing the QA/QC and safety programs, as well as providing technical expertise for complex systems such as baggage handling equipment.