DuPage Airport Authority Various Airfield Improvements

DuPage County, IL

Ardmore Roderick served as a subconsultant to CH2M. Our survey personnel worked on various airfield improvement projects during the span of the contract term including Runway 2R/20L Extension, Runway 10/28 Overlay, Main Apron Drainage, Fuel Farm Hardening and Multiple Scattered Sites.

Ardmore Roderick established horizontal and vertical survey control throughout the airport’s project areas. Pre-design topographic surveys were performed for the Runway 2R/20L Extension, Runway 10/28 Overlay and various other project sites. These surveys required the accurate, and sometimes high-density, survey data to be collected and presented to the design engineer in a detailed AutoCAD format. The surveyed items included runways, taxiways, access roads, sidewalks, bike paths, fences, waterways, grass areas, buildings, utility structures, and all specialized airport signage, markings and lighting.